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We never stop!

The highly successful event at EUR in Rome - EurHop! Beer festival in 2014 - has just concluded but we, COMAC people, never stop, we are again ready to go.

Posted on Thursday, 16 October 2014 |
Category: Events

The suitcases are packed. The gifts to be given yo our guests are done. The cup is under costruction. Power-point images are perfect. The team Comac is ready.


Location: Leuven Belgium.
When: October 31 to November 2
What: Brussels Beer Challenge 2014
Why: because for the next 3 years Comac will sponsor this exciting event.


This is the third edition and this year such an event takes place in the beautiful Leuven city.

Brussels Beer Challenge 2014


Belgium IS the hometown of the beer and an event that would begin to compare the best international beers, could only take place there: this year more than 750 international beers will be tasted and judged by 60 tasters, national and international ones, in a taste marathon lasting two days.


Before electing the best beer for each category, the beers will be divided on their origin, style, and typicality.


Brussels Beer Challenge 2014


What better chance to deal with the most famousbeeer names? An opportunity that many brewers have not missed even though few, very few indeed will go up on the podium.


Comac, for some years also in the world of craft breweries, or best known as  BREWERIES, as "Kuaska" says,  chose to be a sponsor of this important event to reaffirm its commitment to the world of craft beer.


Comac will be present both the days in order to give our support to ALL of the master brewers and we will keep you updated.

It is not a coincidence that I have mentioned Kuaska again, the most famous Italian expert of Belgian beers, but most of allo ne of Comac’s best friend : Kuaska has a surprise for all of us... and since it is a surprise keep calm and wait till next time.

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