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The stability of the equilibrium: Aurora Radavelli

"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you have to move'". Albert Einstein, letter to his son Eduard, 1930.

Posted on Thursday, 17 July 2014 |
Category: Curiousness

"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you have to move'". Albert Einstein, letter to his son Eduard, 1930. 


Aurora Radavelli, born in 1994 and the Italian unicycle freestyle champion, knows it perfectly.


So does her father, Marino, for many years in COMAC, who uses all his skills as an "equilibrist" emotional support for his princess Aurora. 


Aurora, whose name means Sunrise (nomen omen), has decided to bring to light, even in Italy, a sport already popular in the world, but still unfamiliar to most Italian people and traditionally relegated to the circus activities. 


But what are we talking about? Unicycle, a kind of vehicle, equipped with a single wheel and that moves forward thanks to a powerful and balanced muscular work of legs. 


Aurora, at 14 years old, attended a clown show where the clowns hovered on their unicycles. It is love at first sight and, like the best fairy tales, love is reciprocated: from mere infatuation becomes real passion that leads her to compete at the international level and classified in first place in the Italian league of female freestyle


When I asked her: what is the unicycle for you? Aurora replied "unicycle, in some respects, is a metaphor for life: at first the most talented ones have to help the low performers, but, at the end, everyone has to find its own balance. It is normal to fall, but every time you have to find the strength to get up."


Aurora Radavelli


It is an ongoing, daily challenge to improve the style and improve as a person: the freestyle, the Aurora’s specialty, also provides a search of innovation. For every workout you have to study new steps, new choreography to be competitive, but ahead of the others. 


In life as in business: we know it very well. We, COMAC, have always accepted the challenges issued by our customers, the challenges that have made us grow as a Company and as individuals, and that led COMAC to be worldwide leaders in the bottling industry. 


The suitcase is ready: Aurora is leaving for Montreal, Canada, where from July 30 to August 10 the world championships in unicycle, UNICON 17, takes place.


We all in COMAC, together with her father Marino, cheer for Aurora triumph in Canada as a champion of freestyle and in Italy as a promoter of this difficult, elegant, choreographic and exciting sport. 


With Aurora also begins a short course of brief articles that will be written to tell of the wonderful people that run around COMAC Company, children, grandchildren, the employees themselves, and that makes COMAC a balanced, international and competitive Company.


Have you never heard of unicycle as a sport?


Aurora Radavelli

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