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People at Drinktec 2013 - Comac Management: Mr. Giuseppe Scudeletti, Mr. Fabio Donadoni, Mr. Marco Scudeletti e Mr. Giorgio Donadoni

Posted on Friday, 13 September 2013 |
Category: Events

COMAC is the brainchild of two friends, peers, Giorgio and Giuseppe, who have known each other since childhood.

When the project takes shape, they decide to involve their brothers and during the years, through intuition, courage and great determination they have managed, all together, to become international leaders in the field of kegging and bottling.


The members of the Board of Directors are: Giuseppe Scudeletti: President, Giorgio Donadoni: Purchasing, Marketing and Communication Manager, Marco Scudeletti: commercial / financial area and Fabio Donadoni: technical and product innovation area, four entrepreneurs who, while covering decisive and fundamental roles in the Company, over the years have been able to surround themselves with capable staff who have been entrusted with important assignments of responsibility: employees who are regarded as "fellow travelers", as the human factor is the basis of COMAC success and philosophy.


"What separates a successful entrepreneur from the one who fails is perseverance. In addition there is a strong motivation for an idea or a problem to solve. If passion does not spur you from the very beginning, you'll never get until the end. This is our deep conviction and, day by day, we have been trying to pass it on to our employees, who reciprocate us with a passion that strived every day in the development of each given project, mission, even the simplest".



“Your reason and your passion are the rudder and the sails of your seafaring soul”. Kahlil Gibran

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