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From barrels, to keg and now one-way keg: why do they have a strong appeal?

Strong, green and able of ensuring a total integrity to the product. Who and why choosing One-Way Kegs?

Posted on Monday, 9 December 2013 |
Category: Curiousness

It 's really interesting to note the emergence of innovative and different solutions for a gesture – drafting a beer at the pub - which has remained unchanged for a long time.


No more wooden barrels, at least for the beer, the traditional kegs, which will dominate the scene for a long time, are perfect to meet the needs of the big breweries that need kegs up to 100 liters of capacity, and are ideal in a more forward-looking idea since as they are produced only once and last in time.


But recently the one-way kegs have begun to appear on the scene: a practical and functional solution for small brewers that are looking for efficiency and flexibility, but, more importantly, they can avoid a large initial investment for the purchase of kegs. In addition, plastic kegs allow them to meet the seasonal demands of the market (you drink more beer in summer than in winter!) and to be present also on distant markets without having to worry about the return of the container.


Currently on the market various solutions, different design can be found: some of them are similar to the steel ones or some others are made with an inner bag, so the product is further protected and the absorption of oxygen and the loss of CO2 are extremely reduced.


The one-way kegs have one common denominator: the ability to maintain a good quality of beer as their "big brothers" in steel.


In addition, disposable kegs are easily manageable when they must be sent: less weigh and, consequently, also the shipping cost is lower, and those who use them do not have to worry about returnables.


Not to mention that the kegs are environmentally friendly disposable. Made entirely of plastic and cardboard, one-way kegs are 100% recyclable: which means to use a product that meets the most stringent European standards in terms of packaging with low environmental impact.


A wise choice therefore, able to match ethics and efficiency, especially when the budget is limited and a brewery can not bear the costs associated with the traditional kegs as the costs of purchasing, storage, and handling.


For all these reasons, but especially for our ability and peculiarity to adapt to changes of the market and for the interest that we have to offer our Customers innovative solutions, COMAC has been producing and manufacturing machines specifically designed for the filling of disposable kegs.


Do you want more information on one-way kegs and our filling machines for one-way kegs? Contact us, we will be happy to help you!

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