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Can Filler 8-1 for micro and craft brewery

An automatic systems for processing and packaging of canned beverages of any size, made of aluminum, steel and tinplate.

Posted on Tuesday, 5 November 2013 |
Category: Comac Plants

The can filler model 8-1 has been produced for bottlers who, in spite of small productions, for the first time want to face the market for canned beverages, guaranting the total quality of the product.


This plant, isobaric type, is suitable for filling the beer cold or at room temperature, however, can also be used to fill non-carbonated soft drinks.


The technology ensures, thanks to laboratory measurements, a very low oxygen enrichment in the beer during the filling phase: this is also proven by analyzes which are normally performed during the start-up of the plant itself by certified electronic instruments that assure the veracity of the declared values.


The central distributing manifold of the product is made with a ceramic coating which ensures a longer life of the seals without maintenance for years.


The seamer installed is made with a base in AISI 316: it is a very robust structure that ensures high reliability over time, ensuring a perfect hermetic seal for the safe maintenance of the quality of the product filled.


The preference granted by the most famous American craft brewers testifies to the quality of the Comac product.


Need more information about the can filler model 8-1? Visit our page automatic systems up to 4000 CPH!

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