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Are you looking for a canning line manufacturer? Here's why you should choose Comac

Doing business is our mission, doing it well means doing it together: customers, collaborators, company. Since 1990, project after project, Comac has managed to establish itself on the international beverage market, installing its systems at producers all over the world. But this is only the beginning.

Posted on Wednesday, 26 August 2020 |
Category: Comac Plants

To give the right boost to your business by finding the partner who truly understands your needs is essential. Why should you choose Comac for your canning line?

Our experience on the international market and our collaborations with important brands such as Heineken, CocaCola, Carlsberg, SABMiller, Mahou San Miguel, Bavaria, Baltika (and many others) are not enough to describe the contribution we can make to your business.


Learn about our strengths.


Comac is a canning line manufacturer with head and heart.

We give you the best performing means, but also an additional personal factor.


Comac designs and manufactures canning lines finished down to the smallest detail, ensuring that everything meets the customer's expectations.


What distinguishes our way of doing business, however, is the human factor: Comac professionals invest a lot of energy to test the systems and train your team to make the best use of them.


Even the best canning machine is ineffective if no one can run it perfectly. This is the only way can you really improve the quality of your production.


Comac is by your side

We are canning line manufacturers that put people's serenity first.


We know that dealing with "cold" machines is a nuisance, especially when something is not working as it should, grinding production to a halt.

And the hassle increases exponentially, if whoever could help you restart your canning line disappears into thin air.


Comac is by your side. Call us anytime, 24/7 if you need to immediately solve any problem. This is a solid certainty that has always made our customers sleep soundly.


Comac does not let valuables crash and burn

As canning line manufacturers, we don't want your creations to get lost on the way.


Over the years, we have developed solutions that minimize accidental beverage spills when canning. Not a drop will be lost along the way.


And since we don't like waste, we work hard to ensure your product is the same from when you produce it to when you drink it from the can. You will never have to worry about having to discard hundreds of cans due to contamination during canning.


Comac can be your sole supplier for every need

We can follow your canning line from design to installation.


Perfectly integrating a new canning line in your plant or creating a new one from scratch, is not easy.

Often we turn to different partners for each component of the line (one for canning, one for pasteurization, one for palletizing, and so on), with the result of having a general confusion and little coordination.


Choosing Comac, on the other hand, means being able to count on a sole contact person for the entire system, with consequent time savings.


Comac has an eco-sustainable approach

We do our utmost to decrease our impact on the environment.


Protecting the environment is another cause that is very close to our heart, for years Comac has adopted an internal sustainable business model for this reason.


The company has made substantial ecological changes over the years: from separate waste collection, to the construction of a 250 kW photo voltaic park, to the purchase of natural gas vehicles, up to the use of high-efficiency gear motors and the use of recyclable gadgets.



Let's get to know each other better: request an appointment with our professionals.

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