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Alternative uses of beer

Maybe anybody doesn’t know that beer can have several and interesting uses.

Posted on Wednesday, 27 November 2013 |
Category: Curiousness

Maybe anybody doesn’t know that beer can have several and interesting uses.


One of the most unusual but functional use of the cans of beer is definitely the one adopted to achieve the thermal insulation of a house. The cartons for egg are used for sound insulation!! 


Never heard of Earthship structures?


They are environmentally sustainable housing systems with heating and cooling systems at zero energy, independent from the point of view of water and energy supply: they are made with different materials such as earth, clay, straw, wood and, most of all, tires, filled with earth for load-bearing walls, and bottles or cans for the non-bearing walls. The environmental impact is significantly reduced and these houses often have better characteristics than the more traditional ones.


Cans of beer for warming up the cold winter nights: in fact, due to their alcohol content they can absorb the cold without freezing.


For DIY lovers here is a shocking news: it is possible to use the beer for polishing the wood. It sounds weird, I know, but try it and you'll see amazing results. Put some beer on a microfiber cloth and pass it on wooden furniture. The effect will be similar to the wax: the "experts" recommend to dilute the beer with some water that covers a bit the smell of beer and it is less sticky to the touch.


Another interesting use of the beer for the feminine world is the cleaning of costume jewelry. It happens quite often that especially rings and bracelets change their color due to the passing of time: in this case, just soak the costume jewelry in a bowl with some beer and et voilat, they become beautiful and bright as they were new.


If you pour a little bit of warm beer on a cotton cloth, it is possible to bring back shiny on old objects of tin.


The beer can be also a sleeping aid. I'm not suggesting to drink big quantities of beer and then fall into a deep sleep, also because the day after it would not be the most pleasant awakening.. What I recommend is to wash the pillowcase it with beer: the smell of hops, which is reminiscent of hazelnut, promotes sleep.


Beer is also an excellent stain remover. If you have a difficult stain, put on it some beer and sparkling water and, due to carbon dioxide present, the stain will be detached from the fibers and the washing will be easier.


As an insecticide. For your pots plagued by snails here is an easy and environmentally friendly way to get rid of it. Put some beer in a glass jar or an empty tin and put it in the ground so that the edges of the container are at the same level. The snails will be attracted by the hops and fall into the tin.


Beer is also a great ally of beauty, but we'll talk about in a future post, in view of the upcoming Christmas festivities.


Usi alternativi della birra


Do you know other alternative uses to add?

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