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Comac gives you the free-entrance ticket to the EurHop! Beer Festival

Would you like to spend an exciting day in the magic atmosphere of the Eternal City, tasting the best Italian and International craft beers? Leave a comment: if you’re among the first tens, we gave you a free ticket!

Posted on Tuesday, 8 October 2013 |
Category: Events

Rome, 18/19/20 October 2013

Surrounded by a chirpy and suggestive atmosphere, in the hearth of the EUR (not too far from Rome down-town), one of the most expected event of the year is taking off: the EurHop! Beer Festival, il Salone Internazionale della Birra Artigianale.


40 Italian and International craft breweries in an area of 2.000 sqm and  in a really unique, elegant and suggestive location: Salone delle Fontane.


An architectonical building with a great visual impact that, for the event, will be turned into a real pub with 45-metres long counters and about 200 plugs available for all breweries, guests of the event. 


Why come to the EurHop?  

Because you’ve the opportunity to get in touch with the excellences of the craft-beers.


Because you can chat with someone of  the Comac staff – official partner of this event -, You can meet the brewers of those breweries  selected by the famous Roman pub Ma Che Siete Venuti a Fà- and tast their excellent craft beers.


Why visit Comac’s stand?

Because you can find competence and professionalism.


Comac team is  present at the Salone delle Fontane to show you the news of 2013, to share with you curiosities and know-how, but also to introduce you “4SizeS”, an international project expecially focused on microbreweries.


In addition, many gadgets-surprise wait for you at Comac’s stand



Would you like to win a free-entrance to the EurHop Beer Festival?


Leave your comment in this post 
and fill in your name – surname- address – phone*.

If you are among the first tens, you  will be given a free-entrance ticket, a tasting glass, a pocket glass holder and the guide to the beers!

*Your personal data won’t be shown in the blog 


For the programme and other info, visit www.eurhop.com.

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Users comments
non vedo l ora di essere a roma x poter degustare le tante birre soprattutto le italiane. sicuramente farò un salto allo stand della comac per ricevere i vostri gadget

Written by beatrice pichezzi on 10 October 2013 03:11:10
Ciao, è un piacere partecipare a questo evento! forza ragazzi!

Written by cristian on 10 October 2013 03:13:41
Roma stiamo arrivando!! non sarà una minicrociera ma una MEGAoccasione per sperimentare la mia passione preferita: la birra!!

Written by beatrice pichezzi on 10 October 2013 04:03:13
Festival Fantastico

Written by Carmine Miranda on 10 October 2013 07:53:28
pazienza se non vinco, ma i dati personali vorrei darli in privato ;-)

Written by daniela@senzapanna on 11 October 2013 10:14:38
Evento spettacolare, spero di poter ricevere l'ingresso omaggio! :)

Written by Stefano on 14 October 2013 04:55:11
festival spettacolare Stefano Angelini 

Written by stefano on 14 October 2013 04:59:40
evento spettacolare,,, ci sarà un sacco di gente!!! Stefano Virginio 

Written by stefano on 14 October 2013 05:00:37
Comac WINS! Ci sarò sicuramente :)

Written by Daniele on 14 October 2013 05:37:51
Grande comac

Written by Daniele Carradori on 15 October 2013 03:08:09
Bellissimo evento, Impossibile mancare!!

Written by Sara on 15 October 2013 03:17:02
da bravo fuorisede domozimurgo non posso mancare ;)

Written by matteo onori on 16 October 2013 12:55:57
daidaidai miglior evento birrofilo della capitale! due ore di viaggio ma duecento spinatrici da cui poter bere! forza ragazzi!

Written by diana matalucci on 16 October 2013 12:42:53
Un grandissimo evento !! forza comac 

Written by Jole on 16 October 2013 03:54:25

Written by Daniela Gezzi on 16 October 2013 08:47:16
Big up! Comac

Written by Matteo natalini on 16 October 2013 09:40:52
Forza Forza Forza!!!! sarà un evento unico grazie al mitico Blog di comac per tutti i dettagli dell'evento!!!! non potremmo mancare!!

Written by Paolo on 17 October 2013 01:10:05
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